BEATS 4 NEEDS is an initiative to support music culture, which is currently struggling for bare survival due to the consequences of the Corona lockdown.

Countless clubs, venues, festivals, promoters and all the other cultural operations are stuck with their backs to the wall! And with them thousands of people who make their living by working in the cultural sector. 

For many, fundraising is the last chance to avert the closure of their business, and thus to protect thousands of employees from job loss and existential threat.

The goal of BEATS 4 NEEDS is to draw attention to the dramatic situation of music culture in times of Corona lockdown. In their current struggle for survival, most cultural operators simply lack the strength and tools to draw attention to their fundraising campaign.

BEATS 4 NEEDS was initiated to make these tools available. This is in the form of content that gives the cultural operators the greatest possible attention for their respective fundraising projects.

Initiators of BEATS 4 NEEDS are designer and TV professional Daniel Donko from Cologne and Robin Drimalski, booking agent of w-agency (Watergate Club) from Berlin. 

BEATS 4 NEEDS sees itself as a charitable PR tool, does not collect donations itself and does not pursue any commercial interests.